Our Gym Programmes


Play Gym for Preschoolers

Our qualified coaches set up brightly coloured, fun circuits all over the gym for our youngest members to explore and experience. This gives them the opportunity to discover their physical potential at an early age. More info


Gym Fun (Boys & Girls Classes)

Gym Fun starts at level 1 with basic gymnastic skills that develop a child’s abilities as they move up through the levels. There are badges and certificates awarded at each level as the gymnast improves. More info


Girls Senior Rec (12 years up)

This class is designed for girls who would like to continue (or start) their gymnastics in a fun & non-competitive environment.  Classes are on Wednesdays 5 – 6 pm.  Fees are $92.50 per term. More info

Parkour ( ages 10 yrs upwards)

Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training.

Parkour is a new code that WAGS would like to offer. It will develop agility, power, flexibility and strength 

Classes are on Saturdays . More Info


Boys & Girls Competition Gymnastics

WAGS hold competition classes for boys and girls. For gymnasts to be eligible for competition classes they need to be committed, dedicated and recommended by their gym fun coach, or assessed by our Head Coach. More info


Adult Gymnastic Skills 

WAGS hold a Adult ONLY. This is a casual class and is for ADULTS ONLY ... no one under the age of 16 is permitted on the floor at any time during this class and we do require that anyone under this age is left at home. Classes are on Wednesday 6 pm. Cost $12 a session or $92.50 per school term.

Trampoline Classes

Beginner classes for new athletes teach safety skills, correct jumping techniques and basic skills for beginner athletes. Competition classes are more advanced and far more proficient trampolines. More info

Tumble Classes 
Out tumble classes for athletes who already have some ability in tumbling.  Potential tumblers need to have a strong handstand and basic ability to cartwheel well. Our classes teach correct tumbling techniques that are safe and will progress athletes through to the National Competitive Tumbling Programme. 
Please make an appointment for an assessment for this class. More Info
Rhythmic Beginner Class

Rhythmic gymnastics combines ballet, dance and acrobatics with expressive movement and the manipulation of apparatuses such as the ball, clubs, hoop, ribbon and rope. More Info

Therapy Classes 
These classes are for children who have disabilities and need extra developmental support.  The classes are kept small to allow all inclusive participation  They are on a Tuesday 11.45am for ages. More Info 


School Holiday Programmes

We also run gymnastic programmes throughout the school holidays. More info


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