Holiday Programmes


Our Holiday Programme runs every holidays Monday to Friday  for 5 - 14 year olds.  Your child will get to experience gymnastics along with building friendships, gaining confidence and having fun all at the same time.

You can choose between Half Day and Full Program.

Full Day – 8.30 am – 4.30pm                      $42.50

Half Day Morning – 8.30 am – 12.30pm      $27.00

Half Day Afternoon – 12.30 – 4.30pm          $27.00


The time will be structured between Gym Skills, Circuits, Relay Races, Foam Pit,  Arts/Crafts & More…  Bring Snacks, Lunch, Drinks and a pair of Socks.


Classes will be limited to 40 places per session.  You will need to pre-book & pre-pay these sessions to guarantee your child’s space. 

What is needed for each child for the Holiday Program:

  • A packed lunch and snacks

  • A named drink bottle

  • Socks

  • Any medication they may require with instructions of dosage (this is to be handed into the office when they first arrive please)

  • Please make sure they are wearing clothes that they feel comfortable moving in. No belts, buckles, domes, zips or loose Jewellery. These can damage our equipment. 

  • Long hair should be tied back. 

  • A change of clothes in case your child has an accident.

  • In Summer Holiday programs please ensure your child brings a sun hat as outdoor activities are possible in the athletics area next door.


Important information for Parents:

When you drop your child, check your emergency contact details and child’s medical information is current.

Please do not bring your child if they are sick or have symptoms of being unwell. 

If someone else is picking up your child that day please let the office staff know so we can ensure we contact the correct person in the case of the need for an early collection.

Please ensure your child understands the need for them to listen and respect the coach’s on the days they are attending.


Pick up and Drop Off Times

Full day - Drop off is to be no sooner than 8:20 am and collection to be no later than 4:30 pm

Half Day Morning - Drop off no sooner than 8:20 am and collection to be no later than 12: 30 pm

Half day afternoon - Drop off no sooner than 12:30 pm and collection to be no later than 4:30 pm

Alternative half day times can be arranged with the office staff beforehand.

Please Note:

Early drop off of children between 8:00 am and 8:20 am will result in an Early Drop off surcharge added to the Invoice of $5 per child per early drop off.

Morning Half Day - Collection of children after 12:30 will result in a late collection surcharge being added to the invoice. The surcharge rate is $5 per child per 15 minutes up to 1 hour past collection time.  Any extra time over the hour will be charged for a full day booking.

Full Day - Collection of children after 4:30 pm will result in a late collection surcharge being added to your invoice. The surcharge rate is $5 per child per 15 minutes or part thereof.


We do our best to look after all our holiday program participants but, if a child is badly behaved you will be contacted to come and pick them up. 


Contact us for more information

December/January Holiday Programme:


  • Week 1

    • Monday 14th :  Closed 

    • Tuesday 15th :  Closed 

    • Wednesday 16th :  Closed 

    • Thursday 17th : Closed 

    • Friday 18th :  Closed 

  • Week 2

    • Monday 21st : Closed

    • Tuesday 22nd : Closed

    • Wednesday 23rd : Closed



  • Week 3

    • Monday 18th : Closed 

    • Tuesday 19th :  Closed  

    • Wednesday 20th : Closed  

    • Thursday 21st :  Closed 

    • Friday 22nd : Closed 

  • Week 4

    • Monday 25th : Limited Spaces 

    • Tuesday 26th : Limited Spaces 

    • Wednesday 27th : Fully Booked 

    • Thursday 28th : Limited Spaces 

    • Friday 29th : Spaces Available


Some of the activities children enjoyed - Easter Program 2019

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